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Friday, December 19, 2014

Can Chip Kelly Win the Big One?

That question is starting to permeate in Philadelphia.

As well as how good a drafter he is, given that at Oregon he could build better facilities with the help of Phil Knight and out-recruit competitors.  In Philadelphia, he stretched to take Marcus Smith, an alleged edge rusher from Louisville whom most had in the late second or third rounds, in the first round.  So far, Smith has been a bust,  What makes that worse is that the Eagles' defense at times has been iffy. 

Chip is an innovator and he has won, and some would argue that he has done so without his optimal roster.  The secondary is not good, the linebackers inconsistent, and the back-up quarterback not good.  Bright spots have included the defensive line (one of the best in the league), the now-healthy offensive line (ditto) and certain skills position players (but not all of them).  The special teams have excelled.  There are many bright spots, but perhaps the Eagles need another draft and a key signing or two to fine-tune the roster, upgrade the secondary, get a few difference makers on defense and then step up.

Kelly's tenure has been good but not great, and if there is disappointment, it's because the fans fail to realize that even with bright innovators, change takes time to take root.

He has won big games before and will win them again.  Sadly for Eagles' fans, Kelly did not win the big one last Sunday, and that could prove fatal to the Eagles' chances for the post-season.  And that would put a huge damper on the overall progress Kelly has made since he came to Philadelphia two years ago. 


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