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Sunday, September 21, 2014


A few thoughts:

1.  The Eagles' offensive line is totally depleted.  Best tweet of the day came from 97.5 the Fanatic, which said something to the effect "Hey fat guys in the area, get your cleats and get to the Linc as soon as you can.  You just might suit up."

2.  Nick Foles was a battleship out there today.  When the dust cleared, he stood tall, firing on target.

3.  Kirk Cousins had an outstanding game, but he seemed to channel his inner Tony Romo near the end and mis-threw, leading to one pick and several failed third down conversations.

4.  Chris Baker's hit on Foles was a cheap shot.  Baker tried to explain it to the media, but it seemed clear that Washington's media advisors coached him on what to say.

5.  Maclin and Matthews were outstanding at wide receiver today.

6.  Did anyone else notice that you didn't hear OLB Connor Barwin's name called today.

7.  Where was the Eagles' defense in the first half?  They did adjust in the second half, but the first half was a disaster.  And, yet, the Birds were up at the half.

8.  Chris Polk's pick-up return gave the Eagles a huge lift after Cousins channeled his inner Peyton Manning on Washington's first couple of drives.

9.  For all of the doubters, Malcolm Jenkins has come up with a few big plays in back-to-back games.

10.  Does Casey Matthews scare anyone at middle linebacker?


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