Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just When the World Cup Captured the World's Imagination. . .

Luis Suarez bites.


And I thought it was Italy that once had a big problem with a  dormant volcano.

It will be interesting to see what FIFA does.

Not only did Suarez bite, but his teammate, Gaston Ramirez, tried to force the attacked Italian player to cover up his shoulder.  Another teammate tried to argue that the bite marks were there before the game.

Say what?  The last time I checked, vampires were imaginary and Transylvania didn't have a team in the tournament.

I mean, it's okay to call it the World Cup even if the world's four most populated countries (China, India, Pakistan and Indonesia) have about 40% plus of the world's population and none has a team in the World Cup (I know, I know, then what does that say about baseball's World Series?).  But the soccer that was played up until this afternoon was relatively clean, creative, spirited and excellent.  History didn't dominate -- some traditional powers were sent packing and one, seemingly written off before the tournament, emerged as a favorite to go to the semifinals (Netherlands).  And then Mt. Suarez erupts again.

And that's what people will remember.  Because that's what will dominate the headlines.

FIFA only has one choice -- kick him out of the tournament at a minimum, and then let's focus everyone's attention on the otherwise splendid play of Latin American teams, among other things.  They only have a few days to act, and they've been known to be corrupt (anyone play the Qatar?), but this is a hard one to get wrong.

Even for FIFA.

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