Friday, May 02, 2014

Enough with the Stupid Idiom "Score the Ball."

This is perhaps one of the dumbest, if not dumbest, idioms that I've heard a sportscaster say.

I mean, what the heck else could a player score with?

His shoe?

His mouthgard?

Compression shorts?

Cell phone?

A water bottle?

Since when did some of these guys declare war on the English language and good sense?

When you hear "he's great at scoring the ball," you wonder what else gets points in the NBA?

Does a player get points for scoring with a cheerleader?

Motivational dancer?

Daughter of an owner?

Son of an owner?

As in, "Not only does he score the ball, but he scores after the game with the owner's daughter, who is a graduate student."

There are three-point goals, which did prompt one of the best lines in NBA history.  When former player Antoine Walker was asked why he shot so many threes, he responded with, "Because there aren't any fours."

And that got me to thinking.  If you score something other than the ball, could you get extra points.

For example, if you grab the P.A. guy's toupee and dunk it, could that mean four points?

The possibilities are endless.  But for right now, anyone in broadcast land, let's end the stupidity.  Of course you score with the ball, so let's not sound redundant and nitwit-like by saying that someone is good at scoring the ball.  It's ridiculous.

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Every time I hear the phrase, "score the ball", I picture a player reaching into his pocket and pulling out an Exacto knife and ...