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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Dennis Rodman's Freak Show Continues

Read about it here.

He's arranged a hoops game in North Korea to honor the birthday of the dictator.

He calls it basketball diplomacy.

It's funny, because I recall having read an article about Rodman's father, Philander Rodman, Senior, who fathered perhaps 15 plus kids and was the bartender at a joint across what had been a naval base in the Philippines but at the time had long since closed.  The town and place were decrepit, and the Wall Street Journal reporter offered that the place was the last stop on the road to hell.

Which seems appropriate, because it seems that his most famous son is traveling down that road.  I mean, what could be more awful than staging a hoops game for a brutal dictatorship.  This is hell's version of "The Truman Show," where some bureaucrat, obviously afraid of not returning home for dinner, will say, "Cue the Fun," and the average North Korean extra at the game will cheer madly in order to give the dictator what he wants.

You wonder what and where else are on Rodman's itinerary.

Next stop:  Iran.


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