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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Haunting of Philadelphia Sports Teams

Andy Reid's Chiefs are now 7-0. Shane Victorino hits grand slam to propel Red Sox to World Series. What will happen next? The town has been notorious for getting the wrong brothers DiMaggio (Vince instead of Joe), Maddux (Mike instead of Greg) and Giambi (Jeremy instead of Jason). Will Charlie Manuel end up managing the Nationals to a World Championship? Will something happen on the journey to Andrew Wiggins that let's lightning strike the best team in the lottery and give them the first overall pick? The Eagles passed on both Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson to take Nick Foles. The Eagles rejoiced when they "found" USC QB Matt Barkley on the fourth round, despite the pronounced lack of success of any Trojan QB during the past 15 years save a season of Matt Cassel in New England and some moments of brilliance (too rare) from Carson Palmer. Barkley threw three interceptions in relief of Foles yesterday. As for the Flyers, they still have the big dinosaur-like player approach that might have worked when vigilante justice did in the NHL. Two seasons ago, castoffs named Richards and Carter led the Kings to an NHL title. Both were good players; both underachieved in Philadelphia. Too frequent trips to the Jersey shore to party were attributed to their lack of focus, but who can argue that Southeastern PA area offers more distractions than Los Angeles? So, again, what will happen next?


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