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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rutgers Should Hire Bill Carmody

Easy choice.

Successful as a Princeton assistant.

Successful as a Princeton head coach.

Great connections to New Jersey.

Okay, so he hasn't been there for a while.  And he didn't help get Northwestern to its first-ever appearance in the NCAA tournament.


So what.

He's a great guy.

He has a ton of integrity.

He has great East Coast connections.

And he'll help heal the Rutgers community.

So if you cannot get a Hurley from perhaps the first family of NJ high school basketball, then try to get someone from the Princeton family.

Sure, it has been an arch-rival of Rutgers.

Sure, it's the snooty school down the road, the elite private university.


It's hoops program has a great tradition.

One in which Bill Carmody played a significant part.

He's the right guy at the right time.

Pretty much a non-controversial pick.

Rutgers would be wise to hire him.


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