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Monday, February 11, 2013

Recently Seen on Netflix: "The Jay DeMerit Story"

The documentary has a better title than that, but it's about the former Watford player and U.S. National Team member Jay DeMerit, and how he made his way to play for a team in England's Premiership (he's now the captain of MLS's Vancouver Whitecaps).  DeMerit's story is nothing short of amazing, a lesson in persistence, self-belief and determination.  All the while, he seems like a likeable guy, someone you'd root for, because somewhere along the line he just "forgot" to listen to people who thought that a kid from Wisconsin, unrecruited out of high school, via University of Illinois at Chicago (where he landed because his high school coach knew the coach there), who helped lead them to the NCAA tournament, ends up in Europe with an English friend, knocking on doors of clubs, failing, ending up trying to latch on with a pub team (the lowest of England's soccer ranks, earning about 40 pounds a week and living with his friend, his family and their dog in a three-bedroom house on a mattress in the attic), gets a tryout with Watford, plays well, gets a contract, and helps them get to a spot where they play Leeds in a playoff game to get into the Premiership, a game worth about 70 million pounds to the winner, and, well, just rent the thing and watch it or show it to your kids because this is a guy who had a vision and a dream and kept at it, because it's what he absolutely loves to do. 

Okay, so I liked the documentary, and it was good to watch on a miserable weather weekend. 



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