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Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Bad News Out of Yale: The Story Behind a Collapsed Candidacy for a Rhodes Scholarship

Read this and then contemplate it.

Who are the real heroes?

What can you believe any more?

A QB allegedly turned town a Rhodes interview to play in the "Game" against Harvard. Gets national coverage. A possible testimony to what's right and pure about college athletics.

Except. . . that he was yanked as a Rhodes candidate ostensibly before he would have had the chance to interview. For what's it's worth, he had a disciplinary record -- both at Yale and at the university from which he transferred -- and because of football either went to three high schools in four years or four in three years.

Role model?

Yale QB. Great grade-point average. Choosing teammates over fame.

Sounded great, didn't it?

But it was too good to be true, it seems.

What are we supposed to believe anymore?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Howabout the anticipation of the relatively unassuming but promising and (so far) scandal-free teams playing at the Palestra this Monday? Sports Prof... give us your Penn-Princeton game day thoughts!

2:18 AM  
Blogger George Clark said...

Very depressing report on so many levels.What concerns me more than anything else is the failure of the administration at YALE, for goodness sake, to deal with this thing effectively. I confess I knew very few of the details of the matter beyond the "feel good" nonsense reported nationally at the time. Allowed me to bask in the perceived difference between the Ivy League approach to sports and "everyone else's." But is there something else going on here? Last month we concluded, more or less, that basketball recruiting at Harvard violates at least the spirit of the AI index policy. After watching the Crimson destroy Yale last night in New Haven, and diminish the relevance of Monday's Palestra battle, I thought of Sparky Anderson's line about Johnny Bench's prospects early in his career:"He belongs in a higher league."

10:29 AM  

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