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Friday, October 07, 2011

What Good Luck Charms are Phillies' Fans Trotting Out Tonight?

My pessimistic cousin -- who despaired mid-season before the Phils were en route to winning 102 games -- says the game's a lock for the Phillies.

The reason?

The steam patters from the red rocks in his sauna somewhere in the desert foretell a Phillies' victory. It's the calmest he's been about the Phillies since the beginning of the season. He said he might not even watch the game. Somehow, I think he will.

At any rate, Game 5's in divisional series are big games, and they are humbling games. They reveal that a journeyman like Don Kelly can be a hero, while a Hall of Famer like Derek Jeter can struggle with runners in scoring position. What's in store for the Cardinals and Phillies tonight?

That's why they play the games. Both are good teams, and their play to date has warranted a Game 5. Based on my sense of momentum, I think that the Cardinals should be favored -- they have played more consistently and have been more patient at the plate. Yet, the Phillies are home, they are trotting out their ace, and all will expect a big game from him tonight. But he's facing his old, good friend in Chris Carpenter, an ace himself, and, unlike in Game 2 where he was pitching on 3 days' rest for the first time in his career, Carpenter will be pitching on full rest. This game has the makings of a great one, as all deciding games do.


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