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Monday, August 08, 2011

Real Madrid Signs 7 Year-Old Prospect

I'm sure that this is something that Jerry Jones or the late George Steinbrenner wished he could have thought of.

Read the wire story here.

This is nuts, isn't it? Is there any other way to put it other than to let kids be kids, let them play in various leagues, get more structure as they get older, and then make their way into the professional ranks. Can't they let him grow up outside an incubator? Can't they let him grow up and be "normal" for as long as possible?

Either it's a slow news day and Real Madrid wanted to get back in the headlines in a big way or something is really wrong. Is there anyone who can stop this?

Leave the kids alone.


Anonymous xlpharmacy said...

I think that Real Madrid must understand that they need a super star like Lio Messi , Signs 7 Year-Old Prospect is the first step !

9:16 AM  

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