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Friday, June 24, 2011

First Jack McKeon, Now Davey Johnson. Who's Next?

When Edwin Rodriguez resigned from the Marlins, the Fish replaced him with 80 year-old Jack McKeon.

When Jim Riggleman left the Nats yesterday, well, it looks like they're going to name 68 year-old Davey Johnson, who seemingly last managed in the Majors when Bush I was president.

Which got me to thinking -- who else could be on a list with this type of logic -- you have to be over 65 and have had to have managed in the Majors but not for a while. Who else could be induced to return? Earl Weaver? Pat Corrales? Dallas Green? John McNamara? Lou Piniella? Jim Fregosi? Whitey Herzog?

I'm sure they're are a bunch of guys out there who might fit the bill -- Fregosi is the first who comes to mind, so, stay tuned, for instead of finding the next Mike Scioscia or Sparky Anderson, some GM won't want to rock the boat and instead will opt for the retread model instead of the latest model. If I had time to run the numbers, I would look to see whether the first-time managers or retreads fared better in their first season with the new club.

Meanwhile, though, somewhere "We want Fregosi" chants are bound to emerge from the deepest bowels of a one-third full stadium.


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