Sunday, April 17, 2011

Winckler's Ribs: Great Any Time (and Particularly on a Rainy Day!)

Living in Bucks County, I'm always looking for neat places to eat, and I had read about Mike Winckler a bunch of times in the past but somehow never got down to Morrisville to sample his cuisine -- southern-style cooking, and, yes, at its finest. It was a terrible weather day yesterday in Southeastern Pennsylvania, thunderstorms and about 2 inches of rain, and we were marooned inside. We weren't climbing the walls. We did some chores, watched some of the Derrick Rose show, saw the 76ers launch themselves like a rocket, only to fizzle and have a rally come up short. But lethargy was in the air, and I decided to brave the elements for the short hop to 46 Washington Street in Morrisville to pick up some barbecue -- racks of ribs, rice and beans, potato salad, collard greens with turkey, cornbread and Buffalo wings. Awesome stuff. Quiet dinner table, because everyone was into everything. The meat fell off the ribs, and it had a nice sweet taste to it. The cornbread was excellent, freshly made and moist, and the collard greens were terrific. Ditto for the rice and beans and the potato salad. It's not a sit-down place, but it was great food on a terrible weather day. So check out Winckler's -- you'll be glad that you did.

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