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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Retirement Home in Florida

Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon are joining the Tampa Bay Rays.

I like Florida. I hope to spend some time during the years I'm retired in Florida. I particularly like the West Coast of Florida.

But I worry about the Rays.

No stadium deal, a bunch of good young players fleeing the nest, and now to fill some holes they're signing aging stars. If you go back, way back, to the Philadelphia A's during the gap years (after the great teams of the early 1900's, for example), you'll note that many a good player (including Ty Cobb) ended his career with the A's. Unfortunately for the A's, Cobb at 42 wasn't Cobb at 24, and, no, Hall of Fame owner and manager Connie Mack wasn't dyslexic.

Just financially challenged.

Perhaps Manny and Johnny have something left, and for them, the Rays and their fans I certainly hope so. The Rays have a great organization and have been one of the most pleasant surprises in baseball in decades. Let's just hope that they have to sustain their rise to stardom, lest they fall victim to being a fast-fading supernova.


Blogger Cara said...

My grandparents are now living in retirement community PA. When I visited their place, I can say that they're comfortable in assisted living. Pennsylvania is the first option of my grandparents to live when they're retire. When I retire, I also want to live in Penssylvania.

1:21 AM  
Anonymous Andews Hayes said...

My grandparents used to live there too when they were still alive. Now that my parents are part of senior communities in Lewisville, I already took them to senior homes and let them enjoy the senior living (Lewisville). And I always make sure to visit them once or twice a week with my kids, and they've really enjoyed every single day spent there.

12:43 AM  

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