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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Temple's Al Golden to Miami? So Says

Say it ain't so, Al. Say it ain't so.

But says it is.

I thought that Golden might wait at Temple until Joe Paterno finally decided it was time to retire, but he's the George Blanda/Nicholas Flamel/Albus Dumbledore of college football coaches -- he isn't going anywhere soon. There also was no guaranty that there wasn't someone on JoePa's staff in line to succeed him, either. So, Golden, in Year 2 of uber-hot commodity status (and not willing to jeopardize that status with an off year or two at Temple), kept his name in contention for some of the marquis jobs, and, well, the U is one of them.

Miami is getting a good man, that's for sure.

And I would think that Temple would promote from within and continue in Golden's tradition -- being aggressive in recruiting and running a well-disciplined program.

Let's see how this story unfolds, but if it is as says, Miami has made a good choice.


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