Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jerome Allen Returns to Penn as Assistant Coach

Too bad that the former Ivy Player of the Year and one of the best to play in the Ivies in the past two decades can't suit 'em up for the Quakers.

Just joking (especially to you, Penn fans). The Quakers are usually formidable, but last season under Coach Glen Miller was anything but crisp. Which means, of course, that there will be increasing pressure on Miller to win the Ivy title, which should be no easy task against the likes of Cornell and rapidly improving Harvard and Princeton.

By all accounts, Allen's a terrific guy, and Penn should be thrilled to have him back.

Should Miller falter, I doubt that right now Allen would be the guy that they would tap to replace him (if only because he lacks the experience that first-time head coaches have before they get tapped for the job). Instead, the Quakers probably would look no further than to North Broad Street, where Penn alum and current Temple assistant Matt Langel looks like a head coach in waiting

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