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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Princeton Women's Basketball -- Things are Looking up in Tigertown

The SportsProf family took in the Princeton-Cornell women's basketball game at Jadwin Gym on Senior Night, a very warm affair where the team's four seniors were honored. The Tiger squad also honored its seniors by blasting Cornell, 76-55, upping their league record to 8-5.

The Tigers had trouble finishing in the first half, but they came out of the locker room smoking, played great defense and moved the ball well. While the seniors fared well last night, it was the play of the underclasswomen that should have Tiger fans optimistic for remaining in the league's first division and challenging for a title in the next few years.

In center Devona Allgood, the Tigers have a forbidding presence at the defensive end, a shot-blocker who can change the other team's approach. Allgood still needs to work on her offensive game and finish plays, but she looked very fluid out there at times and, get this, she's only a freshman, and she's 6'3". Sophomore forward Addie Micir appears to be the team's best offensive weapon, a 6'0" player who is comfortable posting up and then popping out to take a three-pointer, and she made many of them last night. Micir was a first-team all-state player in Pennsylvania, and she is a force out there. Micir is the team's leading scorer. Finally, there was one player who really caught my eye last night, because she seemed to be a step ahead of everyone else on the floor -- the first to a loose ball and the one with the best first step -- 6'0" guard/forward Lauren Edwards, who is the team's second leading scorer. Edwards had 18 points and 10 rebounds last night and played a great game. And, get this, she's only a freshman too. #30 was all over the floor last night. Finally, Edwards is the team's second leading scorer, Allgood their fourth.

Princeton Coach Courtney Banghart's team runs a fluid, active offense and plays aggressive defense. It was great to see 1,216 fans there to cheer on the Tigers, their largest crowd of the season. With this nucleus and the way the Tigers have played in the league this season, Princeton women's basketball team has a great future.


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