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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Three's a Crowd in the MNF Booth

Mike Tirico is the play-by-play guy, and he's good enough at his job.

Ron Jaworski prepares better than any analyst in the business, is likable, fair and knows what he's talking about.

So Tony Kornheiser, who is better known as a writer, is in the booth because. . .

Can anyone answer the question for me?


Anonymous The Sports Curmudgeon said...


I believe TK is there to provide humor to make the telecast not "100% focused" on the game in front of the viewer.

It is fair to argue that is not a good idea, but I think that is the ESPN idea behind the MNF production.

If you don't find TK "funny", then he will probably annoy the hell out of you. I find him humorous so his interjections and rhetorical flourishes don't bother me at all. I actually enjoy him...

To each his own...

2:28 PM  
Blogger Escort81 said...

Tony is not adding a great deal.

Much was made on the CSN postgame show in Philly about how he stated, with Ron Jaworski seated next to him, that "Donovan McNabb was the greatest quarterback ever to play in Philadelphia," without so much as a jocular qualifying remark sent Jaworski's way.

If he is there for entertainment or humor purposes, then ESPN might want to think about bringing back Dennis Miller.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony is there to play the role of Howard Cosell. Love him, hate him but either way, talk about him.

2:12 PM  
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