Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Great Suggestion Regarding National Broadcasts

Why can't baseball arrange to let a playoff team's local broadcasters do the game for the local audience for the playoff team?

Sure, I'll take the Fox or TBS feeds and their ads, but as a Phillies' fan I feel cheated. While I actually thought that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were pretty good last night, I'd strongly prefer to have the Phillies' team of Harry Kalas, Chris Wheeler (yes, even Chris Wheeler) and Gary Matthews. I would have relished Harry's "That ball is outta here!" call on both Shane Victorino's and Matt Stairs' home runs last night. That call would have meant so much to the home fans.

Instead, we get the neutral calls of the national announcers (I thought, though, that Dan Shulman's calls on ESPN Radio reflected a proper amount of drama). Those calls take some of the excitement out of the game for any playoff team's fans. I would imagine that Dodger fans would prefer Vin Scully to the Buck/McCarver team too.

Credit where credit is due to former Phillies' reliever Ricky Bottalico, who suggested this on the Phillies' postgame show on Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia after the game last night.

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