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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Phillies-Pirates Last Night (Observations)

1. Great to go to Citizens Bank Park in 70-degree weather. Great night for baseball.
2. Jimmy Rollins' second triple last night looked like a home run that hit a fan in the hands several feet above the small fence above the right-field wall. I thought that the first-base ump was out of position then, but, then again, no one from the Phillies (relatively corpulent) managerial staff summoned the energy to emerge from the dugout to argue.
3. Brett Myers gets the goofball of the day award. Brett, did you miss the memo: when you've stunk all year and get a second chance, you don't show up your manager on the mound or get into an major argument with him in the dugout. When will you get a clue about how to behave?
4. Chase Utley continues to struggle at the plate. No one is chanting "MVP" anymore. I once read about how hard he works out every day, and I would suggest that he lighten up on the throttles and work smarter.
5. How much will it take for the Phillies to re-sign Pat Burrell after this season? My guess is that the 31 year-old outfielder will get 3 years at $13 million per year with a club option for the fourth year for $10 million. Signing him through when he'll be starting a season at age 35 or beyond is too risky.
6. I think that Jamie Moyer's contract expires after this year. Moyer, though, is having a great season. I could envision another 2-year deal at $10-12 million per. Somehow, let's suppose that Moyer pitches for 5 more years, or until he's 50, and wins 300 games in his career. He's 240-185 now, and he's only made one All-Star team. Does he make the Hall of Fame? The only pro that I would see is his longevity and the he still would have pitched effectively into his late 40's. The negatives would be significant -- he was never viewed as a top-tier pitcher during his career, among many others. Regardless of this hypothetical, Moyer has had a great journey and an outstanding career. My guess is that Moyer re-ups with the Phillies.
7. The Pirates are a AAAA team. They play with pluck, but they just don't have the horses. And their farm system may be several years away from giving them some.


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