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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Broad Street Bullies, Y2K Version

The NHL has made sure that the Philadelphia Flyers got the memo this time.

The Broad Street Bullies have minored in headhunting this season, and Commish Gary Bettman and discipline honcho Colin Campbell have connected the dots, whether or not there is a team theme here or people have acted rashly and independently. The message: we're watching you, and if you continue to headhunt, we're going to force some of your boys to watch games for a very long time.

I recall the hip teacher at my high school. She was attractive, she knew it, she was popular, and she kept on getting into car accidents and getting hurt, to the tune of four accidents in two years. I remember discussing her automobile issues with my father, who offered the following sage advice: "Son, if you get into one crash, it could well be an accident. If you get into four in two years, you have a driving problem."

The NHL office has diagnosed the driving problem, and the Flyers are now in traffic school. If some continue to transgress, they'll lose their licenses or go to jail, or some combination of both.

Now that they've gotten the memo, hopefully they'll be smart enough to read it.


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