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Monday, August 06, 2007

Man Bites Gamecocks

Steve Spurrier is ticked that the University of South Carolina admissions office rejected a couple of his recruits.

According to the coach, the university's president is on his side.

Who's working for who here? The bet is that Spurrier makes more than President Andrew Sorensen.

Which begs the question -- which is better, the football team or the school? Okay, so that's not really fair, but what has more importance, the football team or the education of the average kid in South Carolina?

Slow news day anywhere except in the SEC, where football is almost a religion.

The entire story must be interesting. The implication from Spurrier's pique is that he wouldn't have offered the kids full rides if he thought they'd get rejected. Or, more significantly, that he had vibes that they'd get in. The Admissions Office, of course, cannot speak on the topic because of various legal restrictions, and it would be wise not to fight back. The reason: the head coach didn't get two prized recruits in, and that's all that matters to many.

But what really happened? Did the Admissions Office err in giving Spurrier a heads up? Or, were they applying standards that these kids' transcripts couldn't meet? Or did they simply take a proper stand that two kids didn't belong at South Carolina?

Wags who aren't from the Southeast would say, "Imagine that, a football recruit not getting admitted at an SEC school. How could that happen?"

Those who aren't wags, though, and who are diehards, probably say the exact same thing.

Reading in between the lines, you wonder whether coaches at the BCS conference schools believe that the only admissions standards are the NCAA minimum requirements. I get a sense that this could be the case with these two recruits at South Carolina, but the article doesn't go into sufficient detail. Spurrier seemed to say as much, and that makes you wonder who really runs the show at these schools.

Andrew Sorensen, what say you? Your head coach threw your admissions office under the bus. He implies that you agree with him.

Who's running the school, anyway?


Blogger the said...

Are you truly surprised here? I am a Penn Quaker '07 and I can attest to the fact that many of our athletes did not meet the "standard" admission requirements felt by every "normal" student. Take it to Div I-A football, major conference, high profile coach, major sport...well, you can see why Spurrier would be ticked.

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