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Friday, January 05, 2007

Denver's New Leader Gets Fined

$25,000 for criticizing an official. That's a pretty mature thing to have said for someone who has been in the NBA for 10 years.

And what's Steve Wulff been smoking? In his one-page piece of philosophy that he writes in each issue of ESPN the Magazine, he writes something to the effect that some players work hard and play hard and lead and put team over self (love that one) and then never get what they deserve. The implication is that what they deserve is a title, and coupled together are Tiki Barber and Allen Iverson as examples of players who fall into this category. Huh?

Tiki is more worthy of that comment, but you'll remember that Tiki has spoken out of turn on several occasions in the past few years, either burying coaching decisions (and coaches) or teammates (there was a kerfuffle regarding Michael Strahan's contract negotiations and Tiki's comments thereon). Okay, so no one's perfect, and I'll agree that Tiki is worthy of a title. As for Iverson -- putting team over self? Since when? That comment made no sense whatsoever. Yes, AI plays very hard, but there have been times during his illustrious career where that hard play has been more along the "activity" end of the spectrum than the "achievement" end. I appreciate AI's talents, but I won't shed a tear if he does not win an NBA title before his career is over. He hasn't really shown that he's worthy of one.

And meanwhile the 76ers did beat the Nuggets and AI in Denver earlier this week. Makes you wonder what will happen when Carmelo Anthony returns. Will AI and CA mesh and propel the Nuggets to great heights?

Somehow I don't see that happening.


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