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Monday, October 23, 2006

Gaylord Perry Lives

Read this and see what I mean.

Now everyone on the Cardinals will wonder whether Kenny Rogers is loading up the ball when he next pitches in the Series. His hands may be clean, they may sign him up for Dove commercials (or some form of axle grease used in Motown), but that still could leave the average Cardinal hitter (who, outside of Albert Pujols, isn't that good) wondering about which way the ball will dip.

Somewhere, Gaylord Perry is smiling.

And thoughts of the other Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" come to mind. Because now Kenny Rogers the pitcher is playing a game of "Texas Hold 'Em" against the St. Louis Cardinals. Only he isn't in Texas any more, he's in Detroit, and he has the opposition guessing.

And he's pitching with the calm of a world champion poker player.

Will the ball dip, or won't it? Is it splattered with dip, or isn't it?

Watch out for Game Three.

Rumor has it that the Cards will sit on their bench before the game with files to polish up their spikes.

Detroit and St. Louis.

Ty Cobb, Kid Elberfeld, Wahoo Sam Crawford.

Dizzy Dean, Ducky Medwick and the rest of the The Gas House Gang.

Bring it on!

And watch to see if the games first pitch gives the Tigers' leadoff hitter a close shave.

Somehow, the umps would enforce the rule book on that one and warn the Cardinals' bench.

Why they didn't enforce the same book on Sunday night and toss Kenny Rogers is open to speculation.

Why Tony LaRussa didn't go out there and raise up a big storm also is open to question.

And now Kenny Rogers has 'em guessing for the rest of the Series.


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