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Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Crack in the Foundation?

Atop the annual lovefest that is the NFL's Hall of Fame induction, this.

The old coach is looking for one more shot at the title.

The thirty-something receiver is looking to be a bit brittle.

The old coach hates injuries. As Mark Schlereth once said on ESPN Radio, he and his teammates considered injured teammates to be "dead."

The thirty-something receiver likes to train his way.

If he doesn't heal quickly (he has a pulled hamstring), the collision between the Hall of Fame coach and the very talented if enigmatic and problematic wide receiver should get very interesting.

In Philadelphia, there was a lot of static, a lot of noise.

In Dallas, there will be one large crack, if and when it happens. It will be loud, it will be ugly, and someone will not be left standing. And it will be over, fast.

Perhaps that "it" will never happen.

But this report indicates that the storm chasers might start to gather their equipment and start a watch pretty soon.

If this relationship works, it will be the triumph of hope over experience.

If it fails, well, the future Hall of Fame coach and his owner will look pretty stupid.


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