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Thursday, March 23, 2006

If He Does for Hoops What Bill Snyder Did For Football. . .

Then Kansas State will be on the map and give cross-state rival Kansas fits for years.

That's right, it looks like Bob Huggins is going to Kansas State.

On the positive side, you can argue that a school with an inconsistent hoops tradition is making a bet that will put it solidly in the big-time. After all, Bob Huggins has produced results, and he should make the Big 12 even more competitive. Okay, he should be able to get K-State to the Sweet 16 in three years.

On the other side of the coin, you can argue that Kansas State is pimping its school by making a deal with a coach whose players didn't achieve a graduation rate worth bragging about and who had a major run-in with his school's president). (For those of you not familiar with a popular MTV special, someone in California writes into MTV about their lame car -- it's old, has mismatched doors, the seat cushions have worn out, the trunk doesn't work right, and then a West Coast body shop customizes it and makes it look like the baddest car in town, with bright paint, super-sharp wheels, an amazing sound system and stuff in the trunk that replicates your hobbies -- a bowler, for example, had a ball-washing machine put in his trunk. The show is called, "Pimp My Ride."). I had blogged about a school with a moribund program doing just that a while back (as well as having suggested other Sports Reality TV shows). Translated here, could it be the case that given his history, K-State is making a bad statement about the need to win? I'm sure that there are those in the University of Cincinnati administration who would agree.

I am not sure how I think about this hire at this point, except to say that the Big 12 just got tougher in many respects.

I'm just not sure that all of them are good.


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