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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Sporting World and American Idol Collide

In my post about the Winter Olympics, I noted that the winter games were losing out in the ratings to "American Idol." Some people who posted comments dissed "Idol", but little did I know that there is an overlap between Fox's big hit show and the sporting world -- contestant Becky O'Donohue.

O'Donohue, who is 25, played basketball for Niagara for four years alongside her twin sister Jessie. I confess to watching "Idol" last night, and I didn't catch O'Donohue, but it's interesting to find a crooning/hooping nexus. And the thing I liked about O'Donohue's bio on the Idol website is her comment that she has a 27" vertical jump and can post up anytime.

That's a cool comment. No, O'Donohue wasn't a star (she averaged about 6 ppg for her career), but you have to admire her versatility and confidence.

That she got to the Final 24 is a big accomplishment, probably a taller task for her personally that it would have been for her Niagara squad to have made the Women's Final Four.

Whether she gets to the finals is another story. Because even if you have a 27" vertical leap, you still have to climb a very steep ladder to get to the top.


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