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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Are the Big Shoulders Big Enough (for a Second NFL Team)?

Apparently, according to Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley.

Apparently not, according to The Sports Economist.

Mayors and the public's money, a dangerous combination, that is. (Sorry to sound like Yoda there).

I agree with The Sports Economist. Building the $1 billion superstructure in the Chicago area doesn't make much sense. At the time Rome fell, there were all sorts of public spectacles, arena events and lotteries. Why the rush to build this edifice? And who really cares if you land the 2016 Olympics?

Sounds like the mayor would like to play Santa Claus for his citizenry. The guess here is that he could find other ways to do so.

The Chicago sports establishment doesn't need that much embellishment right now. The Bears are on quite a roll. The White Sox, lest anyone forget, won their first World Series in 88 years. The Cubs offer perpetual hope (and disappointment), and the Bulls, while last in their division, have a bunch of young talent and are primed to rise. Okay, so the Blackhawks are not that great, but, remember -- the Sox did win a World Series and the Bears could be primed for a good run in the playoffs. That's pretty good for any major city.

But a new stadium? For a $1 billion?

What's the point?


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