Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Caddy from Harvard

Alums of Ivy League schools do all sorts of interesting things for a living (as do alums of every school, of course), and this is a story about a veteran caddie at the venerated Merion Golf Club in suburban Philadelphia, the recent site of the U.S. Amateur and once a site of U.S. Opens (that is, until both golf courses and golf equipment took their equivalent of steroids, rendering the Merions of the world relative pitch-and-putt courses for which the Tiger Woodses of the world wouldn't need to pull out their drivers). Click here to read all about it.

It's been said that the A students will become your doctors, lawyers and professors, the B students will populate the businesses and that the C students will make the millions. Which suggests, of course, that the brainiacs who get admitted to Harvard will provide wise counsel, for example, to the average Yalies (academics-wise) who ran for President in 2004. If that is the case, then who better to provide sage advice on a golf course than a zenmaster who went to Harvard?

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