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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Next Eckersley?

Doubt it, although Curt Schilling's injection into the BoSox' bullpen mix is intriguing.

Fact: The BoSox need help at closer.

Fact: Keith Foulke, the BoSox' closer, didn't pitch well recently.

Fact: Keith Foulke is on the disabled list.

Sounds promising for Schilling to play the role of the terminator, doesn't it?

Fact: Schilling struggled through this last rehab start in Pawtucket and couldn't make it through five innings.

Not quite that promising, huh?

Sounds more like Schilling will pitch himself back into shape out of the bullpen than be the primary closer in Foulke's absence. Alan Embree and Mike Timlin are top-drawer setup men, and each probably can fill in at closer for a short while (neither is a long-term solution). That said, Schilling is a gamer, a guy who loves the attention, and the prospect of being the guy to close out a game has to thrill him.

He's proven that he's one of the best Stopper's in the game.

Can he also be an effective Closer?

Let's watch and see.


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