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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Follow-Up: SportsProf Calls the Presidential Election

This post is a follow-up to this post.

There are plenty of blogs that will give you reasons to vote for which presidential candidate, and this blog is just not one of them. I'm ever hopeful for a new baseball commissioner, would have considered rubbing a lucky charm for the Red Sox, and might have considered supporting Dr. J for president twenty years ago. No, this is not an endorsement.

That said, this is a prediction, and it's based on the result of this game. And, based upon that, perhaps we're the first blog at all to call the presidential election before it's even held. That's right, based upon no polling, no entrance polling, no tea residue, no number of visits of The Governator into Ohio or Bruce Springsteen in Michigan, well, no anything. Nothing. Just this game.

And, based upon the results of this game, and its historical significance, the SportsProf blog not only predicts, it calls the presidential election for John Kerry. Forget about waiting for the results of the Pacific time zone to weigh in, let alone Hawaii. Forget about waiting for the cemetaries to vote in Illinois and Dade County, Florida. Don't even worry about chads in Fort Lauderdale, confusing ballots in Reno, absentee ballots from the military in Pennsylvania. That's all good and interesting stuff for blogs that focus on politics, but it doesn't matter much here. The one sports indicator that has had any meaning has been decided.

The home team lost in Washington today. If you clicked on the links, you'll know why that result has been as accurate a predictor as any.

Coincidence? Maybe.

Will the streak end? If you're George Bush, you'll take solace that a streak to end all streaks ended this year, when a baseball team whose futility has been well chronicled broke an 86-year jinx. Except for one thing -- that Cinderella is from Bostonk, the hometown of John Kerry. And, heck, this football steak only has had a 64-year run. The same way the Patriots are no longer undefeated (yes, click here for that result), the hometown pols in the White House will argue that this streak is prone to be broken, that the Redskins' loss today won't have the meaning on Tuesday that it has for the past 64 years. Most certainly, that's what they're hoping.

So what's the omen that election followers should look to? The Red Sox improbable win, as improbable, say, as a liberal from Massachusetts winning the White House? The Patriots loss, signifying that even a juggernaut loses every now and then. Does that mean that the political team from New England will be vulnerable on Tuesday? Or are the Pats more analogous to Karl Rove, whose team at times has been unbeatable? Finally, is the harbinger still that last Redskins' home game before the presidential election?

You'll figure this all out in the next two days.

But, no doubt, lots of dyed-in-the-wool Republicans probably no longer view Brett Favre with the admiration they did as recently as yesterday.


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