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Friday, July 16, 2004

Don Haskins Shouldn't be Too Sad. . .

that Ben Affleck turned down the role of Don Haskins.
Disney is making a film called "Glory Road", about the upset victory that Texas Western, coached by a young Don Haskins, scored over Adolph Rupp's favored Kentucky squad in the 1966 NCAA title game.  Texas Western, now known as UTEP, started five African-American players, the first time that a team starting five African-Americans won the NCAA title.  It's a great story, and the time is ripe to make it a feature film.
SportsProf thinks that the producers can get someone to play Haskins better than Affleck, who is more a ubiquitous sports fan (he's becoming the Zelig of celebrity sports fans) than he is a great actor.  (See Ben hanging with the Red Sox or the Patriots or at some other sports venue, but what has he done with his day job lately?).  Better to get a lesser known (albeit not too lesser known, given what damage the producers did to "The Junction Boys" by casting Australians in the roles of Texas football players to save money) actor who can really act to play Haskins. 
Besides, casting Affleck perhaps would have focused more attention on Affleck than Texas Western and Haskins.  And that wouldn't have been right.